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Don’t miss this “Golden” opportunity to share your life and your love with a loyal Golden Retriever. Discover the rewards of welcoming home a wonderful friend.

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Discover the many ways to make a “Golden” gift that makes a difference in the lives of our Golden Retrievers.

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Our goal is to find loving, lifetime homes for Golden Retrievers. Regardless of the reason you must say goodbye, we will take the time and care to find a happy, good home for your Golden.

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Make a Real Difference In The Life of a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are eager to please and easy to love. Their affectionate, gentle nature and high intelligence make them loving, loyal companions and the perfect pets for families. Please open your heart and your home to help our Goldens in need.

Give these special dogs a second chance to experience the love and care they so greatly deserve. Despite difficult beginnings, our Goldens are eager to find devoted, responsible owners and shower them with affection, attention and endless appreciation.

Seeking loving "FOREVER" homes and providing interim care and rehabilitation of unwanted, abandoned and surrendered retrievers.

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Eager to please and easy to love. Adopt one today!