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Ways To Help

Golden Retrievals is completely staffed by volunteers and without that dedication and kindness, there is no Rescue.

There are many opportunities to help and below is a partial list of ways to give Goldens the support they deserve, so please complete our application and volunteer release form.


Adopt one of our beautiful golden retrievers and make both your lives better! Learn how here.


Open your home and your heart to one of our Goldens in need by providing the daily care, security and love that these special dogs deserve. Learn how here.

Home Visits

Visit the homes of prospective adopters nearby to observe, interview and understand the preferences of the applicants to see if the family is a good match for one of our Goldens.

Transporting dogs

Help safely bring Goldens to our facility, whether from private owners or shelters, by generously using your own vehicle and making them feel comfortable during the trip.


Contribute to our fundraising efforts by helping to plan, coordinate and work at events, as well as by identifying other opportunities to gain support for Golden Retrievals.

Checking shelter websites for Goldens

Watch the Web sites of animal shelters to help find Goldens in need of our special care.

Following up with recent adopters

Check in on our placements to help new adopters with any issues during the transition time, as well as to observe whether the home is a good fit for the Golden.

Special events

Participate in our special events to help increase awareness for Golden Retrievals and promote responsible dog ownership.

Marketing & PR

Spread the word about Golden Retrievals by helping create, organize and distribute marketing materials throughout the community, in addition to seeking out public relations opportunities to promote the organization.

Education & outreach

Teach the community about these special dogs and the need for responsible, loving ownership while increasing awareness about the organization’s mission and services.

Intakes & adoptions

Monitor requests for our intake services, work with the surrendering family to help ease the intake process, and provide support to adopters throughout the transition.

Make a Real Difference In The Life of a Golden Retriever